Social Lender helped me with my family needs

Balogun Idowu
Social Lender helped me with my family needs
Social Lender
May 12, 2016

Social Lender? Hmm… it’s indeed a great platform for both low and high income earners. Sincerely, my relationship with social lender had tremendously rescued me from many financial emergency outbreak.

Social Lender helped me with my family needs most especially the day I needed to settled my child’s school fees balance with just N10,000, I applied for the loan and within some hours, I was credit with N10,000. I was very happy simply because the loan safe me from embarrassment from my child’s school.

I have applied for loan many times and none has ever failed me. This bring my memory back to when I needed some money to buy some food stuff and recharge my data plan, immediate I thought about Sterling Social Lender, my worries disappeared immediately.

My Observation:
1. Flexible and easy to access any time.
2. The 10% interest rate is moderate
3. It helps to build trust between Sterling Bank and their customers.
4. It helps mostly the low income earners
5. The Social Lender website is very simple and easy to operate after the upgrade.
6. The social lender admin gives SMS and E-mail alert a week before your due date which help customer to have site about repayment.

My Recommendation:
I recommend that:
1. The loan should be increase from N10,000 to N15,000 maximum

2. The social lender should be expanded to accommodate other business orientation like loan for small scale business.

3. Sterling Bank should improve on their awareness especially on social media like facebook, tweeter and instagram because their millions of Nigerian Youths that are yet to know about social lender

Thus, the overall fact is that this social media has been tremendous and helpful to me and my family. I have even for long referring friends and neighbour to enrol for this great opportunity.

Thanks Sterling Bank for bring this to Nigerians most especially the low income earners. May God continue to strengthen you and your staff. I love sterling One Customer Bank
Balogun Idowu

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