backup plan for me whenever I run out of cash

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Honestly speaking ever since I got the info on this product(social Lender) it has help in sorting out my petty cash issues before salary date, it has serve as a backup plan for me whenever I run out of cash and believe me the most interesting part is the response time from you guys, its amazing…really timely,great job! The impact is on the positive side and I must give it to you guys as the 1st in offering such service.

I think going forward there have to be more awareness on the product to your staffs in-house because most of your in-house staff(customer section) do not even have adequate knowledge about the service, you walk into a branch ask questions on social lender and the funny look on the staff’s face will amaze you.
And I think Social Lender can also do better by increasing the amount of cash applied for, you know your faithful users, there should be levels of increment to such users that stick to the rules without defaulting.
In as much as the response rate is OK but it can be improved on, it can be a lot faster in disbursing cash.
In-terms of referral, I am already doing that ever since i started enjoying this service. I have a friend who was trying to sell similar service from one of your competitors, when I told him of how beneficial and easy this works, he had no choice than to follow suit, so I will say I will comfortably refer this solution to friends and family 100%.


Obayuwana Joshua Social Lender May 15, 2016

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