Social Lender Agents and Ambassadors.

Social Lender Agents are registered users on Social Lender.
Social Lender Ambassadors are tasked with financially educating end users and graduating them from one stage to the other in our DFS (Digital Financial Services). In order for the Ambassadors to achieve this objective, we have created a structure that expedites the process;

  1. The Ambassadors are allowed to recruit as many local guides as possible in their target communities. These local guides are key actors in our process.
  2. The Ambassadors are provided with adequate training to ensure they are fully equipped with the necessary tools to deliver engaging, educative and life changing financial literacy sessions.
  3. The Ambassadors are well trained agents who get rewards based on their performance
  4. An outreach is done by both Ambassadors and Agents every weekend in all locations to create awareness about Social Lender.

The sole objectives of Social Lender Agents and Ambassadors are;

-Help members of their target community exposing them to other financial services, such as savings and credit .
-Help educate their target community on the necessity of being financially included.
-Provide support, feedback and success stories in their target community.
-Help implement strategic market development plans.
-Work and create an impact in communities with global partners.

Agents and Ambassadors of Social Lender are present in various locations such as Lagos, Ogun (Ijebu), Kano, Kaduna, Oyo (Ibadan) and Delta state.

About Social Lender

Social Lender is a lending solution based on social reputation on mobile, online and social community platforms. Small cash requests are offered to members of Social Lender communities with a valid bank account. Cash requests are guaranteed based on the user’s Social profile and reputation.

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