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How To Get A Bank Business Loan

There are times we need that extra push with regards to resource for business, we have plans to yield prospects which in turn would be helpful to our businesses. We want loans to help our SMEs but then how we go about it can be tedious. Banks generally offer loans with their lowest interest rates […]

Income Explained

Active Income If you currently work for somebody else and receive a salary, then your income is active.  Here’s a basic equation for you in case you’re unsure: Trading Time + Experience + Effort = Cash Active income is the most popular type of income.  The amount of money you earn may change but the […]

How to Grow Your Creditworthiness

Your credit score is a mathematical representation that appears in a credit bureau report. This information is used to determine your credibility. The information is made up of elements like loans, overdraft, requests for new credit, outstanding debts, how you pay your bills, how much debt you have etc. This information about you is mostly […]

Planning Your Financial Freedom

    There are many successful and wealthy people out there who came from humble beginnings. You only need to study a few of them to agree that it’s not all about being born with a silver spoon.. It is very possible to be financially comfortable and successful even if you are currently working a […]